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The three important WhatsApp news that are about to arrive

WhatsApp will change in the coming weeks and will have three new features that will please some and irritate others. We tell you the three options that come. Get ready for what’s to come to WhatsApp messenger apk. The WhatsApp messaging app will receive three new features in the coming weeks, and we already know what each and every one of them will consist of. What you are going to get may not please you, but know that there will be ads in WhatsApp. And your location will be shared in the groups. And, to top it off, it turns out that the messages can be deleted.

This year we have already witnessed the birth of what we can call the new WhatsApp: states have come to stay, and whether we like it or not, it’s time for us to get accustomed to the fact that this messaging application will go away Looking little by little more and more to a Snapchat than to a Facebook Messenger. But that is not all.

It probably sounds like the WhatsApp beta download, which is the WhatsApp test version that comes with all the news before the rest of the world. But even before the news reaches that release, there are other ways to know what Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for this app. Hence, we can already speak of the first novelty that is about to become reality.

Ads will reach WhatsApp:

As has been announced by Reuters, WhatsApp will have to advertise. It was a matter of time that happened, and from the next months, companies will be able to get in touch directly with us through official profiles. Do you understand the reason why our data began to be shared on Facebook? Rumors are said to be targeted ads, so companies will know exactly what they should offer us to get a sale.

It is yet to see the exact functioning of this system, but it is said that we will see a ” WhatsApp Business ” that will allow companies to create an official account that will have no limit when sending the same message to millions of people to the time. In fact, it is only a matter of time before we begin to see bots similar to those of Messenger.

The spam, though, has no place in this system: the documents you have accessed Reuters show that the company is very concerned about not overstepping the fine line that marks invasive advertising, and want to avoid by all means a leak Of its users. Telegram, after all, would not let such an opportunity escape.

Your location can be viewed in real time from the groups:

It’s time for you to start asking yourself if you really need to be in so many WhatsApp groups. The reason is very simple: from the following versions, all members of the group will be able to see your location in real time. The profile of the groups will begin to show an option that will take us to a map in which all the members will be located with a dot.

For everyone’s peace of mind, the location in the groups will be disabled by default. You must be the one who authorizes your location to show to any member of the group, and as revealed previous leaks there will also be the option to share the location for only one, two or five minutes. In any case, cheating your friends will not be so easy.

Messages can be deleted before they are read:

In front of the two previous functions, which will undoubtedly generate a lot of controversies, deleting messages before they are read will be an option that all WhatsApp users will welcome with open arms. You can cancel the sending of a message before the other person has read it, although everything points to the other person will see a notice indicating that the message has been revoked.

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