Tip Tuesday

This week’s tip: Clean your oven glass without harsh chemicals!

There are few parts of the kitchen that are more troubling and frustrating to clean than the oven.

It can be a bit of a mystery as to how ovens even get so dirty aside from the odd dish explosion here and there (note – don’t add water to a Pyrex dish halfway though baking *facepalm*). Regardless, if you’re anything like me, the mess eventually becomes unbearable.

The problem is, self-cleaning oven settings often leave a lot behind, and oven-cleaning solutions/sprays have noxious chemicals in them that will stink up your whole house and aren’t often environmentally friendly. What if I told you that all you needed was a handle little tool and water?

oven glass magic erasers pcc cleaning

You read that right! Mr. Clean Magic Erasers blow my mind on a lot of fronts, but upon hearing they could be used to clean oven glass, I was immediately shocked and intrigued. First of all, you’ll need two of them. Like pencil erasers, they wear down as you use them. The other important part to know is that you will need to alternate between wet and dry, and that small circular motions (instead of large wiping ones) will be your friend.

Depending on how tough your stains are, prepare to put in some serious elbow grease here and there, but rest assured that this alternation method works! Imagine being able to actually see what’s cooking in your oven and no longer needing to hang giant tea towels from your oven door handle to hide the atrocity of dirty glass!

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