Vacuum Just As The Professionals Do

When it comes to using the vacuum most of us are not using the provided attachments correctly. If we are even using them at all. Today I want to share with you the proper instructions on what each tool is for and maybe help get your cleaning days running a little smoother.  Attachments As you

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Cleaning Company Research: 8 Questions You Should Be Asking

Thinking about hiring a cleaning company? Hiring one you can trust can be a daunting task. There are so many options from franchises to home-based individuals with many in between. It is easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Today we have compiled a list of recommended questions you should be asking when making a consideration. How

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Office Cleaning

The Most Unhygienic Places In Your Home

The toilet is the most unhygienic place in the home. Right? Wrong! While the toilet is full of germs, there are in fact other areas of the home that are riddled with nasty and dangerous germs that we often overlook. Most of the time, it’s things that we use on a daily basis, so we

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How To Make Your Home Look Less Cluttered

Even the cleanest of homes can feel cluttered sometimes, and it can easily build up and make your home feel disorganized. While we may aspire our homes to look beautiful and minimalistic like in home decor magazines, we’re only human and sometimes that’s not the case! Life takes over and it can make being super

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deep clean

Deep Clean Your Way To A Happy Home With These 5 Tips!

Winter is here and you are spending more time indoors. This makes it a perfect time to give your space a deep clean. A deep clean contributes to not only your home feeling fresher and but you being overall healthier. Winter living means the closing of windows and doors for months on end. Combine this

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Organization and 5 Tips To Get You Started

Are you one of those people who struggle to keep it all together when it comes to organization? Work itself, brings its own level of strain. To help ease the stresses of your everyday job, it only makes sense to try and keep yourself organized. When it comes to organization there are plenty of ways

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