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Everyone Loves A Good, Time Saving Cleaning Hack

Everyone loves a good time saving cleaning hack. Which is why we are helping you save time by scouring the internet for the latest and greatest tips that will have your home sparkling clean in no time. Tip #1 – Prevent Mess Overload – No one likes to get up after a meal and head

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Project Management Tips For Running A Successful Site

Successful project management does not come without its stress. To combat this we have compiled a list of 5 tips to help ease your load. Time Management – Having a visual plan of your daily tasks can help you to keep track of where your time and focus are required. The options of ways to

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Post-Construction Clean Top 5 Checklist

There were some days you felt like it was never going to end. Yet here you are, with your renovation fully complete. We use the term “complete” loosely as there is still a huge post-construction clean that has to happen before you can move everything back in. Renovation Dust A lot of time, money and effort went into

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Earth Friendly Workplace – 10 Ways To Go Green

Going green isn’t just a personal choice. There is always something we can do to make even our work environments that much more earth friendly. It can be as simple as making more use of the off switch for things like our computers and printers when they aren’t in use. Or bringing our own water

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All Natural DIY Cleaning Supplies At Your Fingertips

Whether you are cleaning your house or your office, the usage of all natural cleaning products will not only have your space just as clean as using harsh chemicals (if not cleaner). They will also improve the air quality and make it safer for everyone that comes into contact with it.  Making the switch over

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Essential Oils DIY Carpet And Furniture Freshner

It is spring, the sun is shining and you are beginning to feel energized. Say goodbye to being closed in. Shout hello to the welcomed warmth of sunshine streaming in through open doors and windows. Butterflies are floating by. Birds are encircling your head. It is all very relaxing and movie like. You feel so

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6 Tips For Keeping Office Communal Areas Clean

Office communal areas are for everyone to use and enjoy. However many of us deal with kitchen abusers, who believe that keeping the space tidy is someone else’s responsibility. This creates miserable employees and lowers overall productivity. No one likes to head for their break only to find out that they have to clean up

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Clutter Is No More – PCC Tips For Saying Goodbye

Daily life has us pulled in a million different directions, which at times leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Due to an everyday build up of daily clutter piled all around us; those feelings are compounded. Hence, why we need to look at letting some things go. CLUTTER Whether selling your house or just looking

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