Earth Friendly Workplace – 10 Ways To Go Green

Earth Friendly Workplace – 10 Ways To Go Green

Going green isn’t just a personal choice. There is always something we can do to make even our work environments that much more earth friendly. It can be as simple as making more use of the off switch for things like our computers and printers when they aren’t in use. Or bringing our own water bottle instead of buying a disposable one.

To create some motivation we have pulled together a list of 10 ways for you to go green when at work…

earth friendly1.Commuting: Have you considered giving the transit in your area a try? Maybe it would be an option once a week or just in the warmer months. Anything you can do to cut down on drive time will make a difference. Of course not everyone is able to make use of transit for getting to and from work. Instead you may want to speak with your coworkers about setting up a carpool where only one of 4-5 people drive each week.

2. Did you bring a lunch?: When purchasing food you are also buying containers and wrappers that have to be thrown away. There are multiple recycling optionsearth friendly but that comes down to the container type and may not be possible every time. Instead bring food from home that can be placed in reusable containers to be carried in a reusable lunch bag. The added bonus to bringing from home is healthier options and cost effective savings. 

Looking for a lunch bag? Etsy is a great place to find a multitude of earth friendly creators.

3. Recycle:  Supplying options for recycling will help to get the whole office involved.  If you are an owner and or in office manager encourage fellow workers to separate their throwaways from their recyclables into the containers you provide.

As an employee you have a couple of options. One, you could set aside your own recycling to be taken home with you at the end of the day. Two, you can speak with management about the possibility of bringing in containers for the office to use as a whole. Take it a step further and create earth friendly signs on recycled paper for what goes where, to be posted above each container.

earth friendly4. Bring the green indoors: Placing live plants throughout the office will help to filter out the indoor air. The greenery also works to create a more calm and peaceful environment for everyone who works there. There is something good for the soul when working in a greener space.

5. Eco-friendly office supplies: Choosing to buy products that are earth friendly has you supporting businesses that value the earth as you do. On top of that you are supporting the continued renewal of the resources we currently have. This starts with paper products and progresses all the way into your office cleaning options. When it comes to cleaning the office you can save some money by making some of your own products. I wrote about that in more detail here

Don’t feel like cleaning the office yourself and you live locally here in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas?

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earth friendly6. Working together: Have you ever considered creating an online work space for everyone in the office to use? This allows you to share files, documents, set up e-signature options and in turn limit the amount of paper that needs to be used for printing. Not to mention the organization and ease of use that comes along with being able to access everything no matter where you are. There are a few options that can help with this such as; Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Asana and Trello just to name a few.


Do you have any personal favourites you like to use at work to keep everything organized? Feel free to share those in our comment section below or join in the conversation on Facebook.


7. New to you: Need a new outfit but can’t bring yourself to spend hundreds of dollars on items you will only wear Monday to Friday for work? Thrifting is a fun and economical way to find items for both wearing to work and using at work.  The quality of clothing you can find is impressive.

On top of that you may even locate a piece of furniture or two that could work to liven up your workspace. By thrifting you are keeping items out of the landfill and saving yourself money in the process.

earth friendly8. Don’t let the break room break you: Replacing disposable break room dishes with reusable is a great earth friendly way to support a healthy planet. Not only is it of course better for the environment but it saves you money in the long run. This of course means that you will have to supply cleaning supplies for the staff to use but if you make some of your own a little will go a long way.

Having trouble keeping your staff break room clean? Check out these tips and download the free printable to help you combat office place issues in the kitchen.

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earth friendly9. Exercising while at work?: Skip the elevator and consider the stairs instead. Walking up the stairs is a great way to get some quick cardio in every day while conserving the energy that would be used taking the elevator. Who knows maybe it will inspire you to sign up for that next obstacle race coming to your town. Why not start a team with some fellow employees. Office bonding outside of work makes for a stronger team in the office.

10. Window light: Do you have lots of window coverage on the outside of your building? Try to make use of those more often instead of inside, overhead or desk lights that suck the energy when kept on all day long. Natural light makes a room inviting. The Vitamin D you will soak up from being by the window is also an added benefit.  earth friendly

In conclusion, whether you start with one of these tips or go hard and adopt them all at once, taking an earth friendly approach no matter how big or small helps to create a better, long lasting world for everyone to inhabit.

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