Essential Oils DIY Carpet And Furniture Freshner

Essential Oils DIY Carpet And Furniture Freshner

essential oilsIt is spring, the sun is shining and you are beginning to feel energized. Say goodbye to being closed in. Shout hello to the welcomed warmth of sunshine streaming in through open doors and windows. Butterflies are floating by. Birds are encircling your head. It is all very relaxing and movie like. You feel so refreshed… 



Oh! Wait! What is happening?

That smell wafting up your nose. Why!? Oh why did you take that deep breathe after opening the window? UGH! seems likeTHE WINTER STALE has not escaped you. Instead it has happily taken root in your home. Not even your office space was safe from it. No one wants to smell that, least of all you. 

essential oils

No worries, PCC has you covered. We have scoured the far reaches of the internet to help you bring the  springtime freshness indoors and remove that winter stale smell.

This simple 2 ingredient recipe will have  you singing springtime songs again in no time.

DIY Carpet and Furniture Freshener Recipe

2 Cups Baking Soda

10-20 drops Essential Oils of your choice (see notes below)

Container with a shaker top lid

essential oilsPour your baking soda into the container. Add your essential oils. (The scents you choose of course will be personal to you. However, some of my favourites are; cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, orange and lavender) Cut them together with a butter knife. Top it off with your lid.

Shake it onto your carpet or furniture such as your essential oilscouches and fabric covered ottomans. Don’t forget to also include your front door and bathroom mats.Leave the the baking soda mix to sit for 15 minutes. Giving it a good amount of time to sink in and deodorize your space before vacuuming it up. Then enjoy the benefits that come from not only a fresh, clean smelling environment but also the personal effects that essential oils bring to your health and wellness.

ESSENTIAL OILSessential oils

Not sure what type of essential oils to buy? After years of research and talking to professionals that specialize in this area I have come to find that Divine Essence Oils are one of Canada’s safest types to use. Furthermore, another reason why I choose this particular brand is because of their humanitarian approach to the creation of their product. You can read all about it here


essential oilsHave pets in your home? There are certain essential oils that 

require more caution than others. There are also some you

should avoid completely because they can cause serious medical issues and even death in certain animals. Here is a great starting point in your research, on how to use essential oils around your fur babies safely

essential oils




Don’t have a shaker on hand? These days they can usually be found at your local dollar store. If not, you could also make your own with a mason jar. Just remove the seal piece and replace it with a card stock paper cut to size that you have put holes into. Attach the paper with the mason jar ring, ensuring that it is on tight. You don’t want everything dumping out onto the floor in one space as soon as you tip it over.



When you are not using your deodorizer shaker, leave it sitting out on your counter, a bookshelf or under your kitchen sink. This way your baking soda mixture will also work to remove the smells from your home and or office every day.

In conclusion, the use of essential oils in your cleaning routine will not only bring about freshness to the space but will rejuvenate your system in the process. Get going, your home and office space are awaiting their transformation.

DISCLAIMER – We here at PCC are not working professionals in the area of essential oils. All we can do is share what have found to work for us. We ask that you go and do your own research before using any essential oils. Feel free to look online and talk to your doctor if you have any allergies. Also don’t be afraid to contact your local natural grocery stores and speak to their current essential oils experts. Many of them employ people with degrees and a wealth of knowledge in this area for your benefit. Take advantage of that down the street luxury.


Happy Cleaning!


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