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5 Habits of Minimalist Living You Can Implement To Simplify Your Life

5 Habits of Minimalist Living You Can Implement To Simplify Your Life

Minimalist living is a lifestyle that is chosen. Even if you don’t want to go full blown minimalist, there are many habits that you can implement today that will have you living a much simpler life.

There is no right way to become a minimalist. Which is why we wanted to share our top 5 habits to get you started.

#1 Decluttering

minimalist living

When you are first starting out on the journey to simplify your home a great place to start is with decluttering. This entails going through every room, nook and cranny of your space.

This is not something that will happen all in one go. If you are anything like most of us you will have a lot to go through. Be prepared to take your time in this step. This stage can be an extremely emotional one. We tend to create deep connections to many of our items and this can make it hard to let them go.

It is important to not be so hard on yourself and remember that there is always tomorrow to revisit this step again.

#2 Intentional Purchasing

With your home decluttered, now is the time to shop with intention. No more wandering aimlessly bringing home everything that takes your fancy. The feeling you have in the moment you make the purchase is not necessarily going to last long term.

If you are truly looking to live a simple minimalist lifestyle you will only want to make mindful purchases. Ask yourself questions like; does it serve a purpose? Is there one that would serve multiple purposes? Could you purchase one for less money? Or perhaps you may want to look at a more expensive quality option so the item will last longer.

Intentional purchasing will have less coming into your home and even when something does it will come in with purpose.

#3 Be Grateful For What You Have

A minimalist lifestyle starts with a change in one’s mindset. In order to avoid reverting back to a cluttered state of being we must learn to be grateful for what we have already obtained.

If we can find our way to a state of gratefulness then we in turn will be happy with where we currently are at in life. The habit of being grateful turns our focus on areas that are most important to us.

#4 Clear Digital Clutter

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If you are anything like the majority of the world you probably have thousands upon thousands of photos on your devices. Especially those of us with kids, who are always snapping photos of every little thing they do.

To help combat this area of clutter try making it a habit to erase the multiple unusable images before they are ever uploaded from your phone or camera to your desktop. Go a step further and put your favourites onto a usb and connect it to a live photo frame. That way you can enjoy the many shots you take and they aren’t left to sit in a folder somewhere on your computer.

#5 Embrace Space

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Now that you have removed unused items from your home you are probably noticing that there is some empty space. Our instinct is to fill that space in with pieces of furniture. As a minimalist living the simple life we need to understand that empty space does not always need to be filled.

After living with your empty spaces for a time you will find that they actually give you breathing room. You can still make your home cosy and inviting with cushy blankets, fluffy rugs and comfy cushions. Don’t cave and go back to stuffing your home full just to avoid that empty space.

Take Your Time

Sometimes it will take a while to find what simple, minimalist living looks like for you. Just know that what works for one person will not always work for another. Take your time, don’t push yourself too hard and be intentional with your decisions and you will find your place within this minimalist way of being.

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